INTERVIEW: April Cherrelle (Producer)

Up and coming producer April Cherelle is looking to make her way into the music industry but only by her rules. She has a mystique about her and that same energy transitions into her production. The energy makes you gravitate towards it and no matter what you hear from her you're going to ask "who produced that?". April Cherelle is a name you will be hearing everywhere very soon. Check out her interview with Missouri Hip Hop below.

For those who don't know who April is, can you let them know a little about who you are and what you do?
Hello Everyone, I’m April Scott I go by April Cherrelle and this is my first official interview. I’ve been loving music every since I can remember. My favorite genre of music is R&B and someday I hope to touch many bases in the music industry and explore other avenues.

What got you in to producing?
I knew I always loved music as a child being on car rides with my mom and I couldn’t comprehend, it was just a feeling I got. What got me into producing was my Uncle who raps, at the time I was in middle school and one day he had bought a laptop and a program called fruity loops, and since then my mind was pretty much made up, I knew my life would revolve around music.

What all software/production tools do you use to produce?
The software I’ve being using for years is Logic Pro in which I got at the college I was enrolled in at the time, which was Full Sail University. I use little to nothing I have two small midi keyboards one being an Akai mpk mini.

What other producers inspire you?
Missy Elliot is the #1 producer who inspires me she’s the prime example on how to just be YOU. A true legend! I think it’s important to look up to those who don’t have to force a thing. Everyday I get inspired by old & new producers, a lot are from the same city.

I'm a big fan of your sample Sunday videos/beats, which are very dope by the way. Do you have a certain artist you like to sample?
Thank you! I don’t have certain artists I like to sample I will say I love sampling R&B but I will sample just about anything. If i'm feeling it I’m sampling it, most samples I do has a message in them or that record puts me in some kind of mood.

I saw a few videos and pictures of you working with some Strange Music artist, can you tell us about that experience?
How Strange Music came about, I had seen Big Scoob in the neighborhood who was sitting next to one of my uncles, he had asked was I still doing music and that he was putting together an album and had an opportunity for me. Next thing you know I’m in Strange Land! I was so blessed to have to have experienced this, from all the jokes to business being handled I seen this man put together his album. Scoob and Tech really opened up my vision that day.

What do you feel like separates you from other producers?
What I think separates me from other producers is the feeling that I get when I’m hearing or creating music, its just like nothing matters for those few moments. I know the power of music, it has potential to bring everybody together. I’m also separating myself each day from others just by trying new things.

Being in a male dominant profession and holding your own very well, what is some advice you would give to other female producers?
Thank you! What I would tell other women is, being you will get you where you need to be quicker than being somebody else! You know everyone’s caught up in how did they win instead of winning on their own!

Are you currently working on any projects?
Yes, I have a track with Tearra on her project called "Ghetto Luxury" dropping soon. I will keep my sample Sundays going while I figure out which direction I want my next project to go. I will also be working with some other artist in the city for the time being.

Anything else you want to add? Any Shoutouts? How can we find you on social media?
I just want to say thanks for the opportunity so to Tha GoonEz and keep up the good work! I’m pretty much everywhere you can find me on; Instagram Snapchat Facebook Soundcloud: @AprilCherrelle. Twitter: @DistantQueens, I do recommend you add me on Instagram all my snippets and exclusive are there.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/favorite/id1083904417?i=1083904525 Frankie 

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