Get to know more about the artist Gsco with this interview with Missouri Hip Hop.

Tell me and the readers about yourself, how did you get your stage name? Where are you from?
I’m from St. Louis, Mo. Born and raised. I go by the name “Gsco”. Actually I got the name Gsco back in college. My homeboy Lee he's from 41 Lexington. He started calling me G scolie and you know how black people nickname everything. My friends started calling me Gsco for short. And since then everybody started calling me Gsco.

What made you decide to become a artist?
I decided to be a hip-hop artist because I always idolized the culture of hip-hop. I always thought it was so dope to share your thoughts on a track and have millions of people relate to it or understand how you are feeling.

What and/or who motivates you?
I would say that my son motivates me the most, of course. He reminds me that I am no longer doing this for me and he wants to be me so bad. He always watches my YouTube videos and copies how I move when I perform and it’s just exciting to me to see him shadowing me. Aside from that I low-key get my motivation from our local artist here in St. Louis. We actually have a lot of undiscovered talent here and I feed off that energy. When I see others working it becomes motivation because I dig that shit, because we all have a common goal, so when I see or hear these artists working it gives me the drive to either top what they’re doing or it motivates me to work harder. It’s like a sport to me and we all from the same city but I’m trying to be a starter from the city I ain't coming off no bench!

What you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?
One of my biggest accomplishments was hitting the stage at SXSW this year. That was my first time down in Austin, TX and I actually got to make some good connects while I was there. I mean I’ve done plenty of shows never shared a stage with hip hop artists that’s actually in the game and been in the game for years though.

What projects are you currently working on?
I just dropped my newest project “No Way Out Of It” a few weeks ago. And it’s getting buzz around the city. I’m working with promo teams now, here in St. Louis and in Atlanta to help create more exposure to it and just hitting the streets with hard copies. I have a single on their titled “Night Life” that’s going crazy right now. Other than that I have a few collabs with some artists that I can’t say yet because I rather let my moves speak for me.

If you could make any changes in the music/entertainment industry, what would they be?
If there are any changes I would like to see in the industry it would be for real music to come back. Now-a-days it’s less effort going into the music and majority of the music we hear on the radio is dumbed down music. Bring THE ART back in Hip-hop.

What sets you apart from the rest in your eyes?
I would say what sets me apart from a lot of artists is my originality. I have my own sound. A lot of artist and including artists from my city have either a Chicago/Lil Durk kind of sound or Atlanta mumbling kind of sound in which I could never understand that. Except future that’s my dawg.

Are you apart of any labels or companies?
I am apart of Street firm music which is an independent label you hear me say that a lot throughout my music. I rep that shit everywhere.

In your free time, what do you like to do? Any hobbies?
Mostly in my free time I’m listening to music, writing music, or helping my son with homework. Most of the time I’m busy though but at least a few times a week I cut off all distractions to fulfill my father duties because put that’s what’s important.

Anything else you want to add? Any shoutouts?
Oh yeah I want to shout out everybody that’s been supporting me, sharing my music, liking my posts, and bumping my music. I want to shout out everybody other there in Baden them my woes, shout out to street firm, shout out to my family/friends/ and shout out God because I’ve prayed for all of this and he gives me the drive to get what I’m asking for. I guess it’s say to say that I’m blessed up.

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